What are EPIC-Organizations?

EPIC-Organizations are places where people want to shop, work, and invest.  They make products or provide services that meet the needs of humanity.  They are trusted partners with their suppliers and good citizens in their communities.  They produce in ways that cause the least amount of waste and harm to the environment. EPIC stands for the four Frost/Scanlon Principles of Equity, Participation, Identity and Competence. 

This website is dedicated to helping Leaders create high performance organizations using the Frost/Scanlon EPIC Principles and Processes.  This site contains over eighty years of research, books, articles, training programs, Scanlon Plans, Videos, and Podcasts created by Scanlon Organizations. Historical materials from The Scanlon Plan Associates, The Scanlon Leadership Network, and The Scanlon Foundation are archived here. 

Researchers, students, managers, leaders and change agents will find a wealth of free information on Scanlon Plans, Gainsharing, Goalsharing, Leadership, and Organizational Development.  


EPIC Resources

Native RTL SupportLet us help you put the pieces together to create your own EPIC-Organization.  Here you will find research, articles, and books on Leadership, Scanlon Plans, and Gainsharing

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Scanlon-the man and the Plan

scanlonplateLearn about Joseph N. Scanlon, the father of employee involvement, gainsharing, and labor-management cooperation.


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