Scanlon Plan Success Stories

For over seventy years hundreds of different organizations have adopted and experimented with the Scanlon Plan.  Since the Scanlon Plan is not copyrighted or trademarked there is no central registry of Scanlon Plans or Scanlon Organizations. 

Adamson, Advanced Business Graphics, Atlantic Automotive, ARaymond, Atwood, American Tape, Beth Israel Hospital, Bradford, Bridgestone-Firestone, Briggs & Stratton, Canon, Dana, ELGA, Fairchild Burns, Ferro, Harley-Davidson, Hitachi Magnetics, Huron Signs, ITT, Kysor-Cadillac, Lapointe, Landscape Forms, Limerick Veterinary Hospital, Lorin, Magna-Donnelly, Martin-Marietta, Meier, Michigan Bell, Motorola, National Manufacturing, Neelon Castings, Nicholas Plastics, Pacific Cast Technologies, Parker Pen, Pohlman, Quality Container, Raynor, S & L Plastics, Sara Lee, Sears, SGS Tool Company, Sligh, Spring Engineering, Thermatron, Thomson-Shore, TG Fluid Systems, Trans-Matic, United Building Centers, US Vision, Watermark Credit Union, Wescast, Westan, Westling, Wolverine Worldwide, Xaloy and countless other organizations dreamed the dream of Joe Scanlon the Steelworker and experimented with EPIC ideas.

In this section we feature EPIC Organizations from the following sectors: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Retail.


Financial Services


ELGA Credit Union is headquartered in Burton, Michigan.  They are the most recent organization to embrace the Scanlon EPIC Principles and Processes and the second financial organization to use Scanlon.   They won the Michigan Credit Union League's Outstanding Credit Union of the Year Award for 2015 and were recognized as one of the 2015 Michigan's Best & Brightest Sustainable Companies. 


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Watermark Credit Union installed a Scanlon Plan in 2006.  During this time Watermark was recognized among the top 50 Best Places to Work in Washington State and in 2007 won recognition as A psychological healthy workplace from the Washington State Psychological Association.  In 2009 they were awarded a Best Practices award from the American Psychological Association.  To read more about the award click here.

Watermark presented their methods at A Colloquium at Loyola Chicago that was documented by the Filene Research Institute.(The Research Arm of America's Credit Unions).



Filene Colloquium


Watermark Case Study


Watermark EPIC Scanlon Plan


Watermark EPIC Scanlon Plan





SGS was designated as Supplier of the year by Affiliated Distributors.  They are muliple gold medal Best Practices winners from the Scanlon Leadership Network.  Listen to Tom Hagg CEO explain the benefits of the Scanlon Principles and the Scanlon Leadership Network.



Articles about SGS


Associates Participate in Making SGS Gobally Competitive



landscapeforms logo

Landscape forms begin their Scanlon journey in 1981.  They have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top workplaces. To learn more about the award click here.  John Chipman founded the company as a way to keep his landscaping crew employed during the long Michigan winter.  Today they are a worldwide leader in public space furniture.













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Podcast about Landscape Forms


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Thomson-Shore is a green employee-owned  printer. Thomson-Shore was recognized by the Employee Stock Ownership Association as the 2008 ESOP Company of the Year.


Podcasts about Thomson-Shore and Scanlon

For many years Scanlon Steward Myron Marsh was CEO of Thomson-Shore.  Myron held Executive posistions in three Scanlon Organizations during his long career---Tolkien, Xaloy and Thomson-Shore.


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Spring Engineering was one of the top 25 Best Places to Work in the greater Detroit area when they had their Scanlon Plan.

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USA Today Team Effort Boost Bottom line


Podcast by Tim Tindall, CEO of Spring

 Tim Tindall, track 1

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Spring Scanlon Plan I.C.E.


Spring ICE Plan



Lorin Industries annodizes Aluminum.  Buzz Kersman served as CEO.  Buzz was awarded the Scanlon Stewardship Award.

Buzz Kersman Podcast


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Health Care

beth Israel hospital logo

Beth Israel's Scanlon Plan was called Prepare 21.  During the time Beth Israel's Scanlon Plan was in existence Beth Israel was one of the top 50 best places to work in America.  The Plan did not survive a merger with Deaconess Hospital.

Beth Israel's plan was extremely well documented.  There is even a Harvard Business Review Case Study.  Prod. #: 491045-PDF-ENG


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Prepare 21 Scanlon Plan


Prepare 21 Scanlon Plan




The Sears Scanlon Process was called Goalsharing to distinguish it from and earlier failed gainsharing program.  It was an elective program.  It achieved success in every unit that tried it but was abandoned when new management and ownership took over.

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