On this page we feature the main books, videos, and down-loadable articles--all on in one place. If you start here you'll have a good idea of what the Frost Scanlon EPIC Principles are all about and how they are applied.  Many more resources are found throughout this website.  Explore and you will find more videos, podcasts, articles and books.

The Scanlon Plan


The Scanlon Plan: A Better Way 

This video produced by the Scanlon Leadership Network features the Scanlon Plans that were at Herman Miller, Donnelly, Bridgestone and Neelon Castings.  Professionally filmed on location it includes interviews with Dwane Baumgardner then CEO of Donnelly, Dick Ruch of Herman Miller and Peter Kenny of Neelon Castings.  This is a good place to start if you want to learn about the Scanlon Plan and the Scanlon EPIC Principles.


Goalsharing: Tapping the Power of People

Professionally produced for SEARS this video does an excellent job of showing the Scanlon Process in a retail environment.













Books on the Scanlon Plan and the EPIC-Principles

Scanlon EPIC Leadership: Where the Best Ideas Come Together, edited by Paul Davis and Larry Spears

Scanlon EPIC Leadership is the definitive anthology of Scanlon thought and practice.  It contains original articles by Joe Scanlon, Fred Lesieur, Carl Frost and Douglas McGregor as well as current contributions by today's Scanlon thought leaders.  Preface by Waren Bennis and Afterword by Max DePree.  Available as a free pdf download.

pdfEPICleadershipbook.pdf9.54 MB


Changing Forever:  The Well Kept Secret of America's Leading Companies by Carl Frost

Changing Forever was written by one of the greatest change agents and teachers. While working with Dr. Frost, Herman Miller, Donnelly, Motorola and Beth Israel Hospital were all ranked in the top 50 best places to work in AmericaDr. Frost explains the Frost/Scanlon Principles and how they are applied to create individual and organizational excellence.  Changing Forever is the Scanlon bible.

The Leadership Roadmap, People Lean and Innovation by Dwane Baumgardner and Russ Scaffede

Dwane and Russ show how the Scanlon EPIC Principles can be combined with Lean principles to create truly EPIC Organizations.  Russ is a true lean sensei having learned from Toyota at their Georgetown Plant.  He used lean to transform Donnelly, Tiara Yachts and many other organizations.  Dwane is a Scanlon Steward and former CEO of Donnelly. 

Articles Free to Download

Scanlon Plans and the Frost EPIC Principles

pdfWhy Scanlon Matters by Paul Davis, Larry Spears and Max DePree2.02 MB

pdfThe ABC's of Gainsharing by Paul Davis209.83 KB

pdfLeadership from Theory to Action by Paul Davis442.74 KB

pdfPrinciple Based Participative Management by Terry VandeWater378.33 KB

pdfExploring Scanlon Workbook by Paul Davis449.05 KB

pdfBeyond the Bucks, the Banners, and the T-Shirts: Motivation/Rewards is About Mutual Respect and Developing People by Karen Wilhelm6.49 MB

 pdfScanlon Principles Lay the Groundwork for Lean by Karen Wilhelm113.89 KB